Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Precious In His Sight

Does God really care about all of us? Does my life have meaning? Many of us wonder about this from time to time. I have helped many people over the years find meaning in their lives. But I want to share a part of my God story.

After I graduated from LSU, I worked in Lafayette briefly, then moved to San Jose, California. Far from home and the people who loved me, I quickly got into bad habits that were not good for me. I was hanging around with the wrong people who never went to church. Because I had asked God into my heart while a student at LSU, I tried to find a church, but would often sit in the back and would never fill out the visitor information because I didn’t want anyone to contact me. It was a downhill spiral. But one day as I was driving to work, I saw a billboard that Billy Graham was coming to San Jose. I knew of Billy Graham because my dad used to always watch his crusades on TV as I was growing up. I felt that God sent him just for me. I asked my boyfriend to drive me there and his reply, was “Ok, but who is Billy Graham?”

I remember the topic of the sermon that Billy Graham preached.  His message was something like  “You have no idea how long you have to live, so why wait? Come to Jesus today!” I felt so convicted that I quickly walked the aisle and rededicated my life to Christ. While walking down the aisle, I heard God say to me: “Get out!” I realized that I had been running from God for a long time. That was the beginning of my Christian walk. I obeyed God by getting out of California and moving back down south, but I went to Texas instead of back home to Lafayette. I got involved in a church and started going to Bible studies.  

The best Bible study I’ve ever attended was Bible Study Fellowship (www.bsfinternational.org) (I’m currently attending a BSF class here in Lafayette now!) I learned of God’s amazing love for me, and also that He had a purpose for me. It was God who told me that my purpose was to be a Christian counselor. I had to go to graduate school and go through all the steps to become licensed, but once I did, I knew that this was my calling.  

I absolutely love what I do. I love hearing people’s stories and I love helping them make sense of their world and find their way back to God. Everyone has a purpose and everyone is precious to God.  

Do you believe that you are running from God because of mistakes that you have made? Then do yourself a favor and go back to church. Get involved in a Bible study to find out Who God is and how much He loves you. Then buckle up your seat belt, because you will find that God will take you on the most joyous ride of your life and do amazing things through you.

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